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Comic Marketing from Twitter – Oct 28, 2010

The latest comic book marketing, PR and distribution Tweets by Mat Nastos from Thursday, Oct 28, 2010. Check them out!

All the talk of comic pubs & digital comics makes me chuckle. Why go digital when you don’t even know how to use the internet to sell print?

If you can’t get traffic or increase sales of your print comics, you sure aren’t going to do any better with digital.

Learn to use the internet as a marketing & sales tool properly for your print books & you’ll see an increase in print & digital sales.

Right now comic pubs on line are like Kevin Costner waiting for a bunch of baseball players to come to his corn field..but no one is coming

A website is like a TV commercial, you want it on prime time. Now, pubs’ sites are on at 1am on the Outdoor Network – no one is watching.

@Komickarl And yet, that is what all comic publishers (and most retailers) are doing. Praying might work better than what they are doing now

And @Komickarl, what is even worse is that none have any idea of who to market it to beyond “comic fans.” Bad idea. Find market & sell to it

If your current marketing/sales isn’t resulting in increased numbers, something is wrong.

current comic market is a finite resource. Adding new books doesn’t grow your market, adding sales to current product does

What I mean is: there are a finite number of current “comic book” readers with a set amount of income. Adding product dilutes sales

Only way to grow your business (pubs & retailers) is to increase the size of your market on current product. Otherwise there is no growth

To grow the market, you need to understand your product, who buys it now & who has a need for it that isn’t presently being filled.

Once you know your product, research your “new” market & find out where they congregate. The internet is an amazing place to do that.

I’d say very few comic pubs really know their product or its potential market. The company who fakes it best is Dark Horse. Potential there.

Right. @Seusgeus – True Blood is a great example. Millions of potential fans have no clue the comics exist. @IDWPublishing missed the boat

A tip to comic “marketers.:” Using Twitter & Facebook is NOT enough. They are the equivalent to a mailing list. Fans there already know you

Twitter & Facebook are great ways to keep current fans “in the know” about what’s going on, not the best way to grow your audience.

Twitter can be “worked” for some growth, but it takes a lot of research & effort to do it properly.

Pubs who crank out new titles to grow will quickly run in to trouble. What is better: 1 title with 100,00 sales or 10 titles w/10,000?

Going with that example, which costs more to produce and which results in more profit? Surprisingly, a lot of pubs go with more titles.

The only company that benefits from cranking out endless titles is @ImageComics since they are paid by the creators to produce.

Yes, it seems like I pick on @IDWPublishing & @Boomstudios a lot. They have titles that should be selling like crazy but drop the ball a lot

What have we learned today? More sales = a bigger pool, more titles = jerking off into a small one. Sure it’s fun, but it doesn’t help.

Got called by a couple of marketing guys from dif comic pubs today. 1 very nice & 1 pissed off

Don’t mind yakking w/comic pubs/marketers, but don’t do free work. Don’t call to defend your job to me if your boss sees my post & gets mad

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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Mat Nastos
TV, Film, comic book, fantasy & steampunk writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, killer pigs & dinosaurs in the sewers. You can find his work on Smashwords or at his Amazon Author Page.

3 Responses

  1. Hal Hefner says:

    Mat your words of wisdom are an inspiration to me as I get ready to launch my online comic Gates, which is Hevay Metal Magazine’s first online comic. They traditionally have not done well in marketing their product and I hope to change that. One additional marketing tool I’ve been exploring is Facebook. Yes I said facebook. Now what many people don’t realize is that more people are on Facebook now than Google- A pretty crazy stat I heard from the Ad Agency i work with. So considering the number of people on facebook and the cheap and very targeted way to produce ads there—I’m exploring these possibilities. I’ll keep you posted!
    Thanks again for your tips!

  2. Mat Nastos says:


    Glad you like the posts! Facebook is a funny thing. It’s generally completely misused and misunderstood by companies and, especially, ad agencies. A statement like “more people are on Facebook than Google” really is incorrect and made by someone who doesn’t understand how either service is used.

    Anyway, FB really isn’t a site about recruiting new readers (or buyers or whatever), for companies it really is just a way to keep those who already know about a product/service/etc up-to-date on what is going on with that product/service/etc. Thinking it is a way to recruit new customers who are actual buyers is a path to a lot of wasted time.

    You also have to be wary of ad agencies recommending ways to purchase ads. In the present day, paid internet ads are looked down upon by most internet users. Natural search rankings, posts on blogs and videos are infinitely more effective. Don’t waste time or money on ads, especially if you haven’t taken the time to put together your keyword research and figured what your target market actually is.

    In other words, don’t waste your time with paid internet advertising until you know what your market really is.

    Good luck with Gates, my friend!! Can’t wait to see it.

    -Mat N

  3. Mat Nastos says:

    Oh, in terms of more “users on Facebook than Google.” I’d ask them to qualify that statement. I’m assuming they mean “Google as a homepage” rather than users OF Google. Nice little technique to confuse potential clients.


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