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Comic Book Marketing Getting your work on TV Google TV Ads that is

One of the laments I constantly hear from comic book publishers and creators alike is, “If only comic books were advertised on TV things would be better.” Or, one of my favorites, “Marvel sold millions of GI Joe comics back in the 80s because of those really awesome TV commercials. I wish we could do that.”

Well, my young Padawan, now you can through the wonder that is Google TV Ads. In fact, for the first time ever, you can do it while sitting in front of your computer!

OK, so that last bit about “first time ever” is a bit of an exaggeration. You see, Google TV Ads have been around for a couple of years now, but have really only started to take off recently with the addition of Verizon, Dish Network and Direct TV to the available cable/satellite providers (with an estimated reach of approximately 95 million households). And, to be even more honest, prior to that a small business had (and still has) the option to purchase geographically targeted advertising space from local-area cable providers for some astonishingly low prices.

That being said, Google TV Ads is a fantastic service that is empowering businesses of all sizes to take advantage of television advertising, at low costs. Oh, and that bit about “while sitting in front of your computer” is icing on a pretty delicious cake.

So what exactly is “Google TV Ads” and how can comic book publishers use it to help their marketing, sales and branding efforts? In short, the Google TV Ads program is an extension of Google AdWords, Google’s pay-for-advertising arm. With it, you can upload a 30-second commercial and bid on air-time based on a number of factors including viewer demographics, channels, times, even specific programs. If you want your comic book commercial to run during an episode of “Batman: Brave & the Bold” at 8pm on Friday nights, for 6 straight weeks, you can get that set up with a few clicks.

The system is similar to that of AdWords, where an advertiser is bidding for placement. Bidding starts at 50 cents and is for blocks of a thousand viewers. What I mean there is, if you place a bid for 50 cents, you’re saying you’ll pay a maximum of 50 cents per 1000 viewers of a program. Your daily and campaign limits will set the total amount you’re willing to spend — set it for $150/day and your reach will max out at about 300,000 viewers that day.

It is a surprisingly simple and very effective manner of ad buying, and it gives advertisers an amazing level of control of their ad campaigns. Where, in the past, you’d have to buy ads for a block of time (a 2 week or 4 week period, for example) and then be locked in to paying for that time whether it was effective or not; now, you can monitor your campaigns in nearly real time, starting and stopping them based on performance. If a commercial isn’t generating the traffic you need (say to a website or an 800 number), then you can pause or stop it. If a spot turns out to be a goldmine for sales conversion, you have the ability to increase your ad buys right there without having to wait.

What all of this means to you, the modern comic book publisher, is that your product now has easy and relatively cheap access to television viewers and the increased brand awareness that comes with them. For as low as $50 you can have your 30-second comic book commercial shown to 100,000 people on your favorite cable network and even during your favorite program.

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-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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