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Comic Marketing From Twitter – Nov 17, 2010

Hey, everyone!  Cool little Twitter digest for Wednesday, November 17, 2010 (which also happens to be my birthday).  In this Twitter rant, after a bit of prodding by a comic retailer, I launch in to my thoughts on “Pilot Season” from Top Cow.  I’m going to start off with a comment posted last month by Christine Dinh, marketing/PR person for Top Cow.

Hi Mat,

Thanks for pointing this my way. You totally hit the nail on the head. I think I need to go back even further to see the rant. Otherwise, I’d say you went totally easy on us!

Christine Dinh

Good stuff, huh? Let’s get on with the comic boom marketing Twitter rant for November 17, 2010 by Mat Nastos (that’s me!)!

You know, in spite of commenting on problems w/@TopCow ‘s marketing/sales “techniques,” I think Magdalena could be a cool character.

Ah! Just realized Magdalena was created by @radicalcomics guy, David Wohl. Makes sense – went from one “movie pitch” comic pub to another.

The @TopCow Pilot Season thing confuses me. None of the series come out/continue, right? Is it just a way to pay for film/tv pitch books?

Nothing wrong w/being a pitch pub, just be honest about it. Say ‘help us pay for our pitch comics even tho we aren’t going to support them’

I’d bet that’s why @TopCow is offering free downloads of the titles this year at risk of pissing off retailers – to pump up their #s

I can see thinking: We want to get another film made, but Pilot Season stuff doesn’t sell. Give it away free so we can have higher ratings!

I do think it shows some disrespect to fans/retailers by asking them to support a product with no real intention of it going anywhere.

Would bet that’s how it is sold to creative teams: work on Pilot Season for us &, win or lose, we’ll take it out to producers.

My business side sees nothing wrong with the approach. My entertainer/storytelling/creative side says “Don’t f#@k the fans.”

Wonder if that would make a cool marketing campaign? Give those who buy a Pilot Season book a t-shirt saying “I was f*@ked by @TopCow ”

Can’t wait to see how many followers that rant loses me!

Seriously, tho. Respect your fans & respect your retailers. Even a comic fan has limits & will eventually turn on you like John Byrne.

@LarrysComics Thanks!

(Someone at Top Cow had responded with a list of the previous Pilot Season winners, but they asked me not to repost what they said. My answer if you’re following is:  1 comic from 2007 appeared similar to what was voted on, 1 comic from 2007 came out that was by a different creative team (Velocity) – and 2009 was/is a mess whose publishing ran in to 2010! That being said, the release schedule on Pilot Season 2010 ran super smooth!  Oh, and I voted for Cyblade in 2007 and Alibi in 2008!)

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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