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Comic Marketing From Twitter – Nov 6, 2010

Kids & kiddies, here are the latest Marketing Tweets (some might call them “rants).  These are from Saturday, November 6, 2010.  Had some nice stuff going and an appearance by the PR person for Top Cow.

Check it out!

(being Tweet-feed)

Wondered why @radicalcomics was directing people to slow-loading Facebook page instead of own site. Then I saw the pain that was their site.

Pubs: when building your sites (& FB pages), check them out on standard systems – “high end” sites load crappy for normal people & look bad.

You can tell the @radicalcomics site was built by a designer with no direction/oversight because it is a nightmare to behold.

In terms of a website, design is important, but never let it overshadow the purpose of your site – for pubs it is info & sales/marketing

Unless you’re @radicalcomics, I guess, where the most important thing is a Facebook logo the size of a child’s head.

Working on new marketing articles. Anything you guys want more info on? @idwpublishing @boomstudios now is your chance to ask!

I pick on those two because someone from their offices are on trolling my articles every week day. 🙂

Don’t want to wait for a comic marketing article? you can also get quick answers at: http://www.formspring.me/matnastos

@halhefner No one listens…they just hide from me at comic cons!

Not ruthless, @JasonMatArt. Upfront. It boggles my mind that no comic pub knows how to marketing online, making digital distro a joke

Biggest problem with comic pubs, & licensed guys like @boomstudios & @idwpublishing in particular, is they don’t know what their market is.

They haven’t defined who they are going to sell to (beyond “comic fans”) & even if they did they don’t know how to reach them online.

They haven’t done basic work – define your audience, define your market(s), know your product & figure out if there is a need for it

For them marketing is doing previews for CBR/Newsarama, doing cons & doing a Previews ad. They have websites but no clue what to do w/them

As a bus. person, it is insane to me that these companies aren’t doing the basic steps needed for success. It’s marketing 101 stuff

Yes, this is over simplifying things a bit, but these companies are ignoring an amazing marketing/sales/promotion tool in the Internet.

Retailers should stop worrying about digital releases affecting sales & focus on the fact that pubs are hurting sales in so many other ways

I’ve talked about this before, but a pub adding titles does not help your sales. Pubs need to do more to bring in new buyers & few are

@graphicpolicy It’s non existent for sure, especially in terms of the internet.

@Inkybat Not that superhero comics are best marketed, it’s that pubs don’t market at all & just drop books into a barrel full of super fans

@graphicpolicy Here’s a pretty detailed article on how bad pubs are w/marketing: http://tiny.cc/0ygp8

@Inkybat I think it’s all about laziness. It’s easier to sell to their current readers, even if that number is shrinking.

@Inkybat I think it’s about opening up the markets. Can’t just sell comics to “comic fans.” You need to research markets as w/any product

My biggest success in selling comics was 100% outside of regular industry channels and dealt w/places like Celtic festivals and Renn Faires.

And I’m talking about moving tens of thousands of comics a month through those alt channels…while sending a hundreds to comic shops.

With that, we’re talking 3 yrs ago. This year, I sold right under 7500 copies of my elf sketchbook and have 5000 preoders for ElfSong #1

Those aren’t huge numbers at all, but we’re talking about an unknown, self-published book, w/unknown creator. Not too bad

@Inkybat I guess what I’m not talking about is a “market waiting to explode” but an active market w/a need for product that is already there

@graphicpolicy I do think creators/pubs need to do a bit of market research before a product is released. Find a market & then exploit it

There are so many niche markets out there that are bigger than the comic industry, w/their own dist/retail channels eager for product

@Inkybat Can you tell I’m more than a little passionate about comics? I just wish the pubs didn’t piss me off so much 😀

@chrissypedia Thanks for the follow! You missed my Top Cow marketing rant by a week or two!

@graphicpolicy Hopefully you meant “isn’t” a path to growth & success. Generally works inside the industry, but not for bringing people in

@graphicpolicy Your talking about small numbers of you’re using it in the industry. Without mainstream support, WOM isn’t efficient

@graphicpolicy Again, there you’re talking about mainstream support – radio, TV, etc. Widestream recognition.

@graphicpolicy To do it with a comic (without the mainstream support) you need to target your content to match a highly active niche

@graphicpolicy Right and saying “word of mouth” isn’t really a plan. It’d be a tiny part of one. Definitely do it, but it’s a small part

@graphicpolicy Totally. Nothing’s being done outside of releasing to comic fans.

@chrissypedia It had to do with branding mainly, from what I remember. Plus, absolutely no SEO or marketing thought to the Top Cow website.

@chrissypedia I think his comment was “interesting stuff, but I don’t deal w/marketing stuff.” Bummer because I can see a 25% sales bump

@chrissypedia Did a ton of research for a new article & you guys are missing out on some big potential markets w/your site the way it is

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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