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Boom Studios keeps an eye on IDW Publishing’s Web Issues

One of the really cool things about having a website and being obsessively addicted to my analytics and stats is that I can get some really interesting insights in to what people are looking for online.  At least when it comes to things related to the business side of the comic book industry in general and comic book sales & marketing in specific.

For example, as I mentioned over on Twitter this morning, it showed me that there is a lot of traffic online right now from people who are not pleased with the service of Moonstone Books. Over the course of a couple of hours MatNastos.net received between 15-20 visitors from search terms such as “Moonstone Books sucks,” “Moonstone Books awful service” and “Moonstone Books bad orders.”  What that leads me to assume is Moonstone Books has some sort of issues getting orders placed or delivered online.  I’ve had this confirmed by a couple of Facebook “friends” who tried to place orders this past month and ran in to some hellish problems doing so.  I’m surprised there haven’t been more people Googling “Why doesn’t Moonstone books want my money.”

But I digress.

The other cool thing about having web statistic OCD is that I get to see when the various comic book publishers visit my site and I get insight on what they’re looking at.  Today’s fun revelation comes from someone there at the Boom Studios offices in nearby Los Angeles.  As you can see below in the screencap from my Statcounter account, Boom Studios is here on the site again, this time checking out my recent article on trying to help IDW Publishing avoid another failed product launch for a licensed comic book (in this case, their upcoming Forgotten Realms series). Click on the images for a larger view.

Someone at Boom Studios is doing research on how to do a proper product launch for a licensed property and my article on IDW Publishing

I have to say, it’s nice to see a marketing person from one of the bigger comic book publishing companies online doing a bit of research on how to better do their job.  It does give me a bit of a chuckle to see Boom Studios on there because no one from IDW has taken the time to check it out yet.  It’s a shame, too, because reading through that series of articles could really help the company from dropping the ball on their Dungeons & Dragons license.

Well, at least it is helping Boom Studios out of their own Internet marketing mess.

I’ll be back this afternoon with this week’s Quick Tip and later on this week with Part 2 of the How to do a Proper Product Launch series of articles.

Happy holidays, everyone!

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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