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Comic Book Marketing: 4 Ways to Use Your Email List to Increase Your Comic Book Sales

I really hate to admit this. In spite of getting my master’s degree in marketing, in spite of running numerous successful affiliate marketing websites, in spite of having run nearly 100 product launches and developing Internet marketing campaigns for tons of companies, I still fall victim to a number of really bad habits.

One of the worst of my habits is how I often times (far too often) neglect my email lists and e-newsletter mailings.

Email marketing can be one of the most efficient way to grow your sales.

What’s even worse is that I am intimately aware of how valuable a commodity an email list (especially targeted ones like I put together) are to a company. In fact, a well managed email list can be one of the most valuable sales and marketing tools in a company’s arsenal.

“How can that be?” you ask.

The reason an email list is so important comes down to a single fact: it is far easier and cheaper to sell to a current customer than it is to sell to a new one. That is one of the truest and most important facts for a business owner — be he a comic book publisher or multi-billion dollar Internet corporation.

Online or offline, your customer list or your email list, is worth its weight in gold when it comes to developing long term sales. You see, that list has already been presold on your ideas or products AND has had enough faith and interest to give you their personal information to be used to sell even more!

A business owner can wish for nothing better than a customer who is willing and ready to spend money.

With all that being said, like many of you, I still find myself a bit delinquent when it comes to cultivating, maintaining and utilizing my email lists. There’s something about sitting down to draft yet another e-newsletter that just sucks the energy out of me.

Unfortunately, unless you keep an email list healthy by staying active (and regular) with it, it will die very quickly. One of the ways I keep my email lists healthy in between newsletters is with a set of automated responses that go out to all previous customers. There are a number of email/newsletter programs out there which can automate this process for you.

What I give you now is my:

4 Ways to Use Your Email List to Increase Your Comic Book Sales

1. Be consistent!
E-mail blasts need to be a regular and reoccurring thing. If you are a publisher who only produces newsletters “now and then” or “whenever I feel like it,” allowing months or quarters to pass between emailings, then you are guaranteed a very poor response from your list. In fact, infrequent emailings are considered more annoying than regularly scheduled, expected ones.

The trust and confidence a member of your email list has shown you by signing up for your newsletter needs to be given back to them with consistency and reliability.

Read the rest in my new book, “Comic Book Marketing 101,” now available as an eBook for only $4.99!

Comic Book Marketing 101 by Mat Nastos

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-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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