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Quick Tip of the Week: 5 Tips for Successful Comic Book Blogging

One of the questions I’m most often asked is “Do we need a Blog?” This is usually asked by the same people making uninformed statements like “We need to have Social Networking” for our site. Marketing people who have heard the buzz words, but have no idea what they mean or how to deal with them. To be fair to comic book marketing people, I’m asked that a lot by business executives outside of the comic industry. In other words, comic book marketing guys, you aren’t the only ignorant ones out there. 🙂

My general response to people asking the really stupid questions (and, yes, in spite of what you’ve heard, there are stupid questions) is this: A blog is a fantastic weapon to have in your company’s Internet Marketing arsenal. It is an easy way to add more content to your website — that content can be used for everything from generating traffic to informing current customers about news or the latest information on your products.

Should your company have a blog? The answer is Yes...with some conditions.

Every site can benefit from having a properly maintained and updated blog. However, the thing to remember is this: If you have the manpower and/or time to keep a blog updated, then 100% do it. If you don’t, then it can be a waste of time, resources and manpower.

If you do decide to run a properly managed blog, then here are some very important tips to keep things running smoothly. I call them —

The 5 Tips for Successful Comic Book Blogging

1. Dedicating and Consistency: For a blog to be most effective in terms of aiding in your search engine rankings, it needs to be fed a constant and consistent stream of new content. What I mean by that is: you need to post regularly to your blog, multiple times per week and at about the same time each day. This needs to be done for a couple of essential reasons:

  • It shows readers that your blog is a regular source of new content (information) and should be returned to often.
  • In the same vein, regularly updated content will help “train” search engines spiders to regularly return to your site for indexing. This will help get your web pages into search engine indexes more quickly and can also help your site obtain better search engine rankings.

There is nothing that turns a visitor (or the search engines) off more than stale content. Keep things new and fresh. Obviously, the more times you post per day, the better. However, I’ve found that consistently posting once per business day is an acceptable minimum amount of new content to keep search engines and visitors happy.

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-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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