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Quick Tip of the Week: 5 Tips to Going Viral

In the over-saturated market of today, having a marketing campaign (or product) “go viral” can mean the difference between success and obscurity for a comic book (series, publisher, creator). But what exactly does “going viral” mean and how does one go about accomplishing it.

Well, a “viral” campaign is really just a successful “word of mouth” or grassroots campaign. However, in a world where buzzwords and coined terms rule, compounded with the speed of the Internet, the phrase “going viral” was pulled from the mid-90s when computer viruses became known and could reach across the country in a matter of days.

Nowadays, a “viral campaign” is almost exclusively considered to be one that has taken off on the Internet, in spite of where it may have originally started (TV, for example).

So, how does a publisher go about setting up a viral marketing campaign? That’s the hard part. You see, no one can really predict what will catch the public’s fancy and take off like a rocket — there are no hard and fast rules to guarantee a campaign will take off.

Luckily, tho, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help with your chances of success and I, the Super Genius, am going to give them to you with this week’s Quick Tip of the Week: 5 Tips to Going Viral.

5 Tips to Going Viral

1. Make a Statement and Cause a Strong Reactions

The single most important tip I can give you is to make a definite statement or to give your audience a strong reaction to what you’re doing. You need to jump in with committment and absolutely cannot be wishy washy about it.

If you can get an “OoOOOH!” or genuine laugh out loud, then you’re on the right track. If you say something that a lot of people agree or disagree with, and have that unrelenting conviction, then you’ve got potential.

  • Love / Hate
  • Happiness / Anger
  • Coziness / Repulsion

Get your audience’s blood pumping, one way or the other. Negative response can be just as effective as positive. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone with your statement and forget neutrality. This bores people — “going viral” is all about emotion.

A recent example of someone that was on the right track but wound up turning into a coward is Eric Powell. His creator-owned video had potential to be huge. It’s too bad he didn’t stand behind his convictions and let it take off. There is nothing worse in marketing than someone who won’t stand behind their statement

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-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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