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A Big Ole’ IDW Publishing & Boom Studios Love Fest

This is a tiny digression from my normal marketing/sales focused articles, but deals with a bit of stuff that has come about as a result of those articles.

In spite of my having written on this a few times here on MatNastos.net, word has filtered back to me from a couple of people up at WonderCon this weekend that I have a burning hatred of Boom Studios and IDW Publishing, along with everyone who works at the companies. While I have already addressed this specifically in an article (Why I Focus on Guys Like IDW Publishing and Boom Studios), since it is still popping up I thought I’d address it one last time.

Straight up, I don’t hate either company and am, in fact, a huge fan of both publishers. I’d say 90% of my monthly comic book spending goes to those guys. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars per year.

And, although I don’t think either company is the greatest in terms of marketing their product online or outside of the comic book direct market (they’re both terrible, in my opinion), I do admire a lot of the people who work at both companies.

Truth be told, I think IDW Publishing has one of the greatest editorial line-ups of all time. Scott Dunbier on IDW’s deluxe books, Denton Tipton on my two favorite properties (Dungeons & Dragons and Doctor Who), Andy Schmidt on pretty much anything he’s ever worked on, Tom Waltz…really, I’m not sure those guys have a weak spot on that roster. I hear a lot of good stuff about Ted Adams (everyone who mentions him to me usually includes the phrase “is a really smart guy” AND he was part of Eclipse Comics, which is just plain cool), but haven’t had any interaction with him on my own…I would absolutely love to sit down with him for a chat sometime.

Over at Boom! Studios you’ve got two of my favorite people in comics — Chip Mosher and Ross Richie. Ross is an encyclopedia when it comes to comics knowledge, especially when it comes to the 70s/80s.  Because of that, he’s become one of my favorite people to geek out about 80s indie comics with on Twitter.  And Chip Mosher is a madman. An incredibly nice, very intelligent, professional guy with what seems to be a genuine love for the industry and what he’s doing in it. More important, he bought me lunch and that makes him golden in my book. In my mind, Boom! is the modern version of Pacifico/Comico/Eclipse and produce some really spectacular work.  I’ll say it here: Darkwing Duck is the best comic out on the market today and I cannot wait for their new Elric series later on this year.

So, there you go. No hate. Just a lot of love and a fervent wish they would both get their acts together when it comes to Internet marketing and pushing their licensed work outside of the comic industry’s direct market.  They are both in a great position to help bring more fans, and more sales, in to the comic industry.

That’s it from me for today…still here and bummed I didn’t hit WonderCon. I’ll be back later on this week with my long-awaited review of the Boom! Studios website and a little bit about the story behind it.

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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