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Quick Tip of the Week: Grabbing sales from reviews/previews/interviews

A quick tip that I’ve used to encourage reviews for a lot of non-comic products (include books) is to allow the reviewers to include Amazon links to the products — or, if the product isn’t on Amazon, any other affiliate link to where the product can be purchased.

What this does is twofold (and works for good reviews or bad):

  1. It allows customers to link over to a buy page right from a review. This is important because if a potential customer has been pre-sold enough by a review/preview/interview to click on a link, you’ve got your best chance of getting a sale.
  2. It gives you reviewers a chance to benefit a little from taking a look at your product. Since they’d receive affiliate credit for good or bad reviews, there’s no real conflict of interest with including the link. It’s no different from any other contextual style ad.

Obviously, I love Amazon and do a lot of affiliate business with them, so I’d make sure to any and all of my product was set up to be sold through them, either by Amazon directly or through third-part merchants. Consumers use and trust sales made through Amazon, and you’ll see a much higher conversion rate through them than through other affiliate programs.

Oh, and this goes for any outlet doing any sort of coverage on your product – reviews, interviews, previews, etc.

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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Mat Nastos
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