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My Love Affair with Blindside

I have always been an absolutely HUGE action film fan — everything from the Blaxploitation films of the 70s to Chinese Kung Fu Cinema to anime to blockbuster Hollywood films of the 80s. If it had punches, kicks, guns or swords in it, then I was a fan.

And, as a testosterone-filled child of the late 70s/80s, my comic tastes tended to reflect that.  Unfortunately, there have never been a lot of really good martial arts action comics.  Comics where the action felt like there was more thought and choreography than your average Jack Kirby or Gil Kane comic — not that there is anything wrong with those.  But, for me, I wanted something a bit more.  I wanted to see a comic that reflected my Yuen Woo-Ping sensibilities.  Sure, there were a few — Rudy Nebres’ Iron Fist serial in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu or some of the Mike Zeck work in Master of Kung Fu — but the examples were few and far between.

As cool as action in comics could be, to misquote Gorilla Monsoon, comic artists “don’t know a wristwatch from a wristlock.” And I just assumed that would always be the case.

Luckily for me, Marat Mychaels and Blindside proved me wrong.

Here is the page where I feel in love with Marat’s work and with Blindside…the choreography and straight up thought on this fight sequence — a single page in the book — blew me away.

One of the coolest, most thought out fight sequences in all of comics -- Marat Mychaels' Blindside.

And that was Marat’s work from 15 years ago.  The insane thing is that it’s gotten even better, even more well thought out and even more bad-ass.  I, for one, cannot wait to see what he comes up with for the new Blindside and I’m glad he’s taking me along for the thrill-ride of my life.

Check out the Kickstarter page Marat has put together to help him fund the all-new 4-issue Blindside series for 2012!

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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