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Comic Book Marketing 101 eBook now available!

Comic Book Marketing 101 by Mat Nastos

“Comic Book Marketing 101” is now available as an ebook. It is 100+ pages of practical, real world tips, techniques and walk-thrus on how to increase sales and reach for comic book publishers and creators alike. It offers case studios and gives concrete examples of what to do and what not to do alike. It’s a must-have for anyone looking to publish a comic in today’s market. The book gives you insights and experience from a 20+ year veteran comic creator/publisher and successful Internet marketer, Mat Nastos – learn from a man whose own websites will send out over $6,000,000 in sales this year alone!

Topics include:

  • Doing marketing analysis and research to maximize your comic’s potential for success
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • How to do a proper Product Launch
  • Hands-On case studies using the work of publishers IDW Publishing, Boom Studios and Moonstone Books! Learn from their mistakes!
  • And more!

For the Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Comic-Book-Marketing-101-ebook/dp/B005PPPRIU/
In multiple formats: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/91945

Here is what the Industry is saying about “Comic Book Marketing 101”:

Mat Nastos is a very smart guy. He’s funny, acerbic, and a keen observer of the contemporary comic book marketplace. I take his advice seriously and now with Book Marketing 101 you can too. -Larry Marder, creator of Beanworld and former Image Comics publisher.

I can’t recommend “comic marketing 101” enough. Writer Mat Nastos brings a unique perspective and skill set to each of the articles included. Nastos has been in the game for nearly two decades, graduating from the Joe Kuburt School, and has worked at both major publishers Marvel and DC. He has worked with Indy vanguards Wendy & Richard Pini, Barry Blair, and more. Nastos has successfully published a line of books that have found wide audiences outside of the traditional direct market. And during this time, Nastos has also received a Masters degree in business marketing, and has become a virtual expert in internet sales.

Instead of merely listing the credentials of Mat Nastos, it’s the COMBINATION of such experiences that are voiced in each of the chapters of “comic marketing 101”. There’s a balance of uplifting material here, and generous servings of “tough love”. Always candid, yet walks a fine line of personal and objective, pulling the curtain back and demystifying the process of publishing and getting the work out to the biggest possible audience.

The end result of “Comic Marketing 101” is an empowering tool for anyone aspiring or currently working in the business of comic publishing. -Jimmy Jay, owner of Jay Company Comics and the Amazing Arizona Comic Con, publisher of Arcade Comics.

Matt’s advice has been invaluable to helping me self-publish and sell thousands of comics books. I’ve made a few mistakes along the way but far fewer than I would have without his words of wisdom. -Shawn Granger, writer of “Familly Bones”, “Innocent”, “Gene Gardens” and currently working on a Southern Gothic mystery novel.

When it comes to comic marketing, Mat Nastos is my hero. His articles never fail to entertain. Also, I agree with him a lot. That helps. -Shaun McLaughlin, writer/director and former producer at WB Animation

Whether you publish 100 issues a month or you’re just getting started, not having a solid marketing plan for your comic is the #1 reason for series failure. Mat Nastos has compiled nearly 2 decades worth of experience on not just successfully finding readers that will love your comic, but how to keep them coming back for more! -J. Wichmann, writer/artist of “The Thief of Hearts”

Street smart common sense that should be invaluable to any publisher or creator looking for bigger audience. -Larry Doherty, owner of Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics

Mat’s comic book marketing knowledge is superceded only by his love of the medium. Mat wants the comic book industry and its creators to succeed. -Bobby Nash, writer “Evil Ways,” “Lance Star: Sky Ranger”

Mat Nastos is an incredibly intelligent and insightful man. His knowledge of interactive marketing makes complete sense and if you listen to him, it will make you cents…and dollars too. Mat is a combination of creativity and marketing savvy and he generously shares his strategies with people so that they may duplicate his success. I attribute much of my marketing accomplishments to his guidance. Listen to Mat and you’ll see what I’m talking about. -Hal Hefner, creator of “Gates the Comic” from Heavy Metal.

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Now through the end of October 2011, readers of my site can get a 20% discount off the normal cover price of $4.99 for “Comic Book Marketing 101!” Follow the Smashwords link and use coupon code: UG39C to get the book for ONLY $3.99!

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius
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