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The Ruby Files reviewed

Every so often, I open up my email and find a nice little surprise. This time around it was from genre author, Sean Taylor, with a preview copy of the new pulp detective anthology he’s released with Bobby Nash, “The Ruby Files.”

I’m going to be upfront here and say that I am not a big fan of hard-boiled detective fiction – it generally plays a bit cliche and flat for me. With that being said, Sean Taylor won me over with his short, “Die Giftige Lilie.”

Sean’s work on this story is by far my favorite of his – and I’ve been a fan of the man’s work for nearly 10 years now (since back when he wrote for iHero and Cyber Age Adventures online). Sean’s storytelling voice oozes cool and he had me glue to the page for the entire tale.

If you enjoy the story of a good, old-fashioned gumshoe told with a modern sensibility, then you’ll go head over heels for “Die Giftige Lilie.” The preview copy I received didn’t have full complete versions of the other stories, but on the strength of Sean Taylor’s story I give the work 4 thumb’s up.

You can find out more about “The Ruby Files” over on Amazon. I do wish the book were available in an e-format, because I’m a cheap bastard and $16.99 seems a bit over-priced for me. At $4.99-$6.99, an epub or Kindle version of “The Ruby Files” would be a must-buy for me.

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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Mat Nastos
TV, Film, comic book, fantasy & steampunk writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, killer pigs & dinosaurs in the sewers. You can find his work on Smashwords or at his Amazon Author Page.

11 Responses

  1. Going to buy it right now.

  2. Sean says:

    Thanks, Mat. You rock, sir. Glad you dug the book. And there’s a PDF version available for the ebook readers at airship27hangar.com for 3.99. I know it’s not the preferred version for Nook and Kindle, but for the e-only folks, it is an option.

    Thanks again for the kind words, sir.

    • Mat Nastos says:

      Good to hear that it’s available in an ebook format for less (at Airship 27). I’d recommend getting the books into a more readable e-format, but the price is great! Just remember, most manuscripts can be pretty easily reformatted to Epub or Kindle format, especially if you have files written in any of the basic word processing programs – heck, a lot of the desktop publishing programs have exporters now! You’re talking about something simple that will expand your potential readership immensely.

      Can’t wait to see what you write next, Sean!!

      -Mat N.

  3. Andrew says:

    Thanks for giving the book a look. Much appreciated! And, hey, that PDF version is only $3, not $3.99.

  4. Sean says:

    Oops. Hit the wrong key on the keyboard at work. Andrew’s right. It’s only 3.00, not 3.99.

    I’ll have to look into that conversion program. I wish there were a good all-purpose InDesign to epub one-click thing. That would be ideal.

    • Mat Nastos says:

      There’s no way to have a “one-click” way to take all print-ready files and have them convert to ePub just because there is no print-ready standard. Every book is formatted and set up in a different way. Since you guys (by that I mean “New Pulpers”) are doing pretty basic all text work, the easiest way to do it is to take your manuscript file and go from there. Taking that route, you’re looking at a couple of minutes of work.

      Really, since you guys are self/indy publishers, the smartest thing to do would be to set up your workflow from the very beginning and write directly into a document setup with epublishing in mind. Just an insignificant change at the start of your process would give you the ability to create e-ready documents almost within seconds.

      When you are going out of InDesign, you’re having to strip out all of the fancy formatting you’ve done (since most of it is incompatible with the main epublishing formats) and going for continuous text instead of a page-by-page setup.

      I should offer an ePub conversion service for New Pulp guys…$30 per conversion!


  5. Bobby Nash says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mat. I had posted earlier with the info about the PDF versions. Looks like the internet ate it.


    • Mat Nastos says:


      Stupid Internet!

      I’ll do a review of the whole book once I get in the print copy I ordered from Amazon. I don’t really do PDFs since most of the time they’re a bit iffy on my Nook and Kindle both, but others might, so we’ve got the link going just in case.


  6. Sean says:

    Dude, you ordered a copy?! Thanks. You truly rock, Mat.

  7. Bobby Nash says:

    No worries, Mat. One thing I would like to clarify though, is that we aren’t self/indy publishers. All of us who worked on The Ruby Files did so for a publisher and the publisher handles distribution. We knew what that entailed going in.


    • Mat Nastos says:

      I’m guessing you’re clarifying that you’re not a “self” publisher in this case because Airship27 is most definitely an indy publisher. I’d be interested (down the road, not here) in hearing why someone would go with an indy publisher who wasn’t providing any sort of real e-distribution support for the product. Is getting non-POD printing the main attraction? Rhetorical question there. Down the road you’ll have to let me interview you guys and your processing.

      Thanks, man!


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