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Laying down the ink: Elfsong and Deadpool & Cable

One of my favorite parts of art is inking. I’ve always loved it and, to this day, I still do. Here are a couple of newly inked pieces. First up is an ElfSong illustration – it may wind up being the cover to a new ElfSong story I have in mind. I did something a bit different than usual with it – it was sketched (or “pencilled”) digitally, then the rough was printed out in blueline at 11″x17″ and inked from there. I’ve never really been a huge fan of doing tight pencil work and something about sketching things out first on my Cintiq digitally has really loosened me up. Inking on the print out was amazingly easy and a lot of fun.

click for high res versions

Next up is something very, very different for me. I found a low resolution scan of a pencil piece by Rob Liefeld (creator of things like Deadpool, Cable, X-Force, Youngblood and a bunch of other stuff, and one of the most successful comic book creators of all time). I’m not completely sure what the image was originally for, but I believe I’ve seen it staring back at me from a JayCompany table and think it was a Deadpool trade paperback cover of some sort.

Liebot gets a lot of shit from fanboys about his earlier work or his creative anatomy, but the guy is a great cartoonist who puts out books that people buy. Lots and lots of people. Like Jack Kirby before him, he’s more interested in doing a cool, dynamic and fun piece than in worrying about everything is “perfect.” I had an absolute blast inking this piece and am a new fan in his camp. Fun, fun stuff!

click for high res versions

Back to work for me!

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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  1. Oh wow. I do love your inks. Both are brilliant.

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