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Duotrope Weekly Writer Markets List – 10/16/2012


I get a lot of e-mail every day – 750+ pieces or more that aren’t spam. The majority of them I read but don’t respond to – fan emails, submissions, ads from Pizza Hut.  You know, the important stuff that should be read but doesn’t need a response.

One of those “important stuff” e-mails is the one I get once a week from Duotrope. For those of you not familiar with Duotrope, the site is a list of markets for writers. A “market” being a publication or publishing house (or anyone else) that buys or uses writers. Duotrope has an amazing, searchable database a writer can freely use to see who is buying the sort of work they are interested in and get more details on those buyers – pay rates, website, deadlines, etc. It’s a fantastic site.

In addition to the material on their site, Duotrope also allows those interested to sign-up for their “Weekly Wire,” which gives a list of newly open markets, newly closed ones, and, best of all, a list of fast-approaching deadlines for publishers (upcoming anthology deadlines, for example). It’s excellent material for writers looking for places to submit work and get published. No more searching blindly on the web.

I recommend subscribing to the newsletter for anyone interested in pursuing writing as a career and for anyone already writing for a living.

For those of you who haven’t been to the site or aren’t subscribed to the “Weekly Wire,” I’m going to publish a portion of it here on MatNastos.net for easy reference. HOWEVER, I strongly suggest going to Duotrope.com and subscribing to it yourself. You won’t be sorry.


New Listings

Paying market listings added:

All Due Respect Anthology
Artema Press
Babora Books (SF adventure)
Gothic City Press: Con(viction) – Anthology of the Con (themed antho)
Echo Ink Publishing
Full Dark City Press (noir)
Gothic City Press
Kraken Press
Innsmouth Free Press: Sword and Mythos (themed antho)
Trembles Press
Waylines Magazine

Non-paying market listings added:

[Slippage] Literary Magazine (art meets science)
The Artist Mystique
Asbury Pulp
Ayris Magazine
Ephemera Publishing: The Case Files Mystery Magazine
Curbside Splendor Publishing: Concepción Books Blog
eFiction Magazine: eFiction Adventure
Everest Magazine
The Faircloth Review
Fat City Review
Gris-Gris: An Online Journal of Literature
Like This Press
The McNeese Review Blog
MFSTO collective: The MFSTO Exchange
The Midwest Prairie Review (regional)
New Orleans by Gaslight (themed antho)
Rathalla Review
Twisted Endings
Uncharted Frontier Magazine
Moon Hollow Press: Uneasy Bones: Dark Works by Women
Ephemera Publishing: A Very Scary Christmas (themed antho)
Yorick Magazine

Fee-based market listings added:

The Watercress Journal Flash Fiction Competition FEE-BASED

Market News

Market updates:

Crazyhorse Now charges fees.
Every Night Erotica Has permanently closed.
Horror on the Installment Plan Is permanently closing
Lyric: A Literary Chorus Website has not been functioning for over a month; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
MOJO / Mikrokosmos Literary Journal Is now a paying market
Rotten Leaves Magazine Website has not been functioning for over a month; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Tellico Books Website has not been functioning for over a month; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Zombie Feed Press, The Website has not been functioning for over a month; we believe this to be a “defunct” market

Markets that have opened/re-opened to submissions:

All Due Respect
apt Online
Bethlehem Writers Roundtable Short Story Award (FEE-BASED)
Bridport Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
Lorelei Signal, The
Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition (FEE-BASED)
Quarter After Eight
Terrain.org Annual Contest (FEE-BASED)
TQR: Total Quality Reading

Markets that have temporarily closed to submissions:

Apeiron Review
Beat to a Pulp
Blood Bound Books
Calvino Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
chum literary magazine
Crime Factory, The
Curly Red Stories
delinquent, The
Dogwood Contest (FEE-BASED)
Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose (FEE-BASED)
Georgetown Review Magazine Contest (FEE-BASED)
Harper Voyager Digital
Indiana Science Fiction
Jet Fuel Review, The
Malfeasance Occasional, The
Midwest Prairie Review, The
Minerva Rising (FEE-BASED)
Mud Luscious Press (FEE-BASED)
New Madrid
Omnidawn Fabulist Fiction Chapbook Contest (FEE-BASED)
Open Road Review
Palimpsest: A Creative Journal of the Humanities
Per Contra
Redactions: Poetry, Poetics, & Prose
Rick Bass/Montana Prize for Fiction, The (FEE-BASED)
Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award, The (FEE-BASED)
So to Speak
Washington Square Review

New Interviews Posted:

Great Weather for Media
Flash Fiction World Contests
Whole Beast Rag
McNeese Review, The

Upcoming Themed Deadlines

(10/19/2012) Kid’s Ark, The: Intelligence/Wisdom
(10/19/2012) ¡Arriba Baseball!: Latino/a Baseball Fiction
(10/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: Cursed Blessings
(10/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Mistaken Identity
(10/20/2012) Here Comes Everyone: The Heroes Issue
(10/22/2012) Faces Magazine: Music Around the World
(10/26/2012) Were-Traveler, The: Alternate Zombie History
(10/26/2012) Six Pack of Stories, A: Beer
(10/26/2012) Leodegraunce: Keepsake Storage
(10/26/2012) Multiplicity: Polyamory
(10/26/2012) Protect Me: Protectors (gay men)
(10/26/2012) Sacrificed: Women as sacrifices in romantic/erotic fantasy fiction
(10/28/2012) 580 Split: Obsession
(10/29/2012) Uncharted Frontier Magazine: Exploration of the Unknown
(10/30/2012) Contrary Cats: Cats
(10/30/2012) Ilanot Review, The: Foreign Bodies
(10/30/2012) Hidden In The Basement: Horror
(10/30/2012) In Flux Anthology: Powerful abusers in a self-correcting universe
(10/31/2012) Animism Flash Fiction Contest: Animism (shared world; specific themes vary)
(10/31/2012) Spiritual Awakenings: Christian stories about redemption
(10/31/2012) Surreal Grotesque, The: Cyberpunk
(10/31/2012) Story Quest Short Story Contest: Disaster
(10/31/2012) Liner, The: Epistolary
(10/31/2012) Femme Fatale: Femme fatales
(10/31/2012) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: He loves me, he loves me not
(10/31/2012) Blood and Lipstick: Lesbian erotica with vampires
(10/31/2012) New Orleans by Gaslight: New Orleans Steampunk
(10/31/2012) Manor House Quarterly: Post-
(10/31/2012) Dracones: Romantic gay fiction involving dragons
(10/31/2012) Winter Well: Speculative Novellas of Older Women: Speculative stories featuring women of advancing age
(10/31/2012) Ain’t No Sanity Clause: Stories that combine psychopaths and other lunatics with Christmas
(10/31/2012) We See a Different Frontier: The colonized
(10/31/2012) obit.: The life of Webster Murphy Allen
(10/31/2012) Tin House: This Means War
(10/31/2012) Elektrik Milk Bath Press Urban Fantasy Anthology: Urban fantasy
(10/31/2012) Blood and Roses: Valentine’s Day horror
(10/31/2012) Birkensnake: Wild Conformations
(10/31/2012) writing that risks: writing that risks
(11/1/2012) Speculative Edge, The: Apocalypse Issue
(11/1/2012) Cream City Review: Constraints
(11/1/2012) Little Patuxent Review: Doubt
(11/1/2012) Fine Line, The: End of the world
(11/1/2012) THEMA: Eyeglasses are needed
(11/1/2012) First Line, The: First line: Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I can remember what my life was like before moving to Cedar Springs.
(11/1/2012) Pockets: Healthy Bodies
(11/1/2012) Under the Cape: Heroes
(11/1/2012) Emrys Journal: Journey
(11/1/2012) Spoke: Make / Erase
(11/1/2012) THIS Literary Magazine: Misreading
(11/1/2012) Sleepytown Press Novel Challenge Contest: Novel writing challenge
(11/1/2012) Quotable, The: Storytelling
(11/1/2012) Whole Beast Rag: Tammy (FEE-BASED)
(11/1/2012) Handbook of the Writer Secret Society (Vol 2), The: The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society
(11/1/2012) Mason’s Road Literary Award: Time (FEE-BASED)
(11/1/2012) Mason’s Road: Time
(11/1/2012) Urban Occult: Urban Occult
(11/1/2012) About Place Journal: Wall Street
(11/1/2012) At World’s End: When the world ends (GLBT)
(11/2/2012) Crab Orchard Review: Prairies, Plains, Mountains, Deserts
(11/2/2012) At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories.: SFF stories set against year-end holidays
(11/5/2012) Prospective: A Journal of Speculation: “What’s that scuttling down my chimney?”
(11/7/2012) Earthen Lamp Journal: Sexuality
(11/14/2012) Faces Magazine: Germany
(11/15/2012) Rogue Zine: Bubble-wrap
(11/15/2012) Luna Station Quarterly: Drabbles
(11/15/2012) Short, Fast, and Deadly: English-to-English
(11/15/2012) Queer Fear: Erotic GLBTQ horror
(11/15/2012) GLBT Coffee Break Quickies: GLBT office romance
(11/15/2012) Penduline: New Zealand
(11/15/2012) Like Fortune’s Fool: SF/F erotica stories involving luck
(11/15/2012) SPLIT: Space
(11/15/2012) Halfway Down the Stairs: Villainous
(11/16/2012) Tales of The Time Machine: A shared world based on H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine
(11/16/2012) Hot Metal Bridge: Conflict and Confluence
(11/17/2012) Kamikaze Woman: Sofia Cillo
(11/19/2012) Composite {Arts Magazine}: Interact
(11/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: An Unexpected Guest for the Holidays
(11/20/2012) SNM Horror Magazine: December Dead Dreamers: Ghosts, The Dead interacting with the Living; haunting spirits
(11/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Zetetic-being inquiring
(11/25/2012) Zip Code Project, The: One particular spot on the earth
(11/26/2012) Writer’s Digest Your Story Competition: Write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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Mat Nastos
TV, Film, comic book, fantasy & steampunk writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, killer pigs & dinosaurs in the sewers. You can find his work on Smashwords or at his Amazon Author Page.

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  1. Thanks for the information, Mat. I’m keeping this and I’ve sent it off to a friend.

    • Mat Nastos says:

      Duotrope’s website has a great searchable directory for markets. If you haven’t checked it out before, it’s worth taking a look around. The new market list is updated and sent out every week to newsletter subscribers…or, you can just check it out when I run it on here 😀

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