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Duotrope Weekly Writer Markets List – 10/23/2012

Check out this week’s updated Writer Markets List from Duotrope.com. If this stuff interests you, then you need to head over to the Duotrope site to check out their amazing (and FREE) resource for writers. It’s invaluable to anyone looking to get their work published.  You can even sign up to get an expanded version of the list below emailed to you with new and updated information every week. It’s completely worth the two minutes it takes to sign up.

An anthology deadline I wish I had the time to try for is “New Orleans by Gaslight.” Writing something based in a steampunk free city of New Orleans during the Civil War just sounds like a who buttload of fun!

New Listings

Paying market listings added:

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing: Dark Light 2
Megazanthus Press: Horror Without Victims (themed antho)
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing: Hot Ink Books
The César Egido Serrano Foundation: Museo de la Palabra Short Tales Contest
Hot Ink Books: Stocking Stuffers: MILF and Cookies (themed erotica antho)
Wayman Publishing

Non-paying market listings added:

[Slippage] Literary Magazine (art meets science)
KY Story: Appalachian Story (themed antho)
Asbury Pulp
The Black Herald
Canyon Voices Literary Magazine
The Circle Review
Clover, A Literary Rag
Curbside Splendor Publishing: Concepción Books Blog
eFiction Magazine: eFiction Adventure
Everest Magazine
Fat City Review
Gris-Gris: An Online Journal of Literature
Infernal Ink Magazine (dark lit)
Journal Absurdum
Left Hand of the Father
Lief Magazine
Like This Press
Macabre Republic: American Epitaphs
The McNeese Review Blog
MFSTO collective: The MFSTO Exchange
The Midwest Prairie Review (regional)
Mount Hope
New Orleans by Gaslight (themed antho)
New Purlieu Review
Wayman Publishing: Open Doors 2 (themed antho)
Penumbra (Saint Louis University-Madrid)
Transient Publishing
Moon Hollow Press: Uneasy Bones: Dark Works by Women
Ephemera Publishing: A Very Scary Christmas (themed antho)

Fee-based market listings added:

Cargoes National Undergraduate Competition FEE-BASED
Hidden River Arts: Eludia Award FEE-BASED
Salt Publishing: The Salt Flash Fiction Prize FEE-BASED
Salt Publishing: The Salt Short Story Prize FEE-BASED
Salt Publishing: The Scott Prize FEE-BASED

Market News

Market updates:

Cezanne’s Carrot Has permanently closed
Dirty Noir Website has not been functioning for over a month; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Hando No Kuzushi Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Phoenix Review, The Website has not been updated in quite a while; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
PITBULL Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Quay Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Skyline Review Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Three Word Chant Website has not been functioning for over a month; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Wet Ink Has permanently closed.
wtf pwm Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market

Markets that have opened/re-opened to submissions:

dislocate: a minnesota journal of writing and art
Ledge Fiction Awards, The (FEE-BASED)
Meridian Writing (FEE-BASED)
Short Grain Writing Contest (FEE-BASED)
Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize, The (FEE-BASED)

Markets that have temporarily closed to submissions:

Atticus Books
Copaiba Literary Review
Crooked {Cat} Publishing
Far Enough East
Jabberwock Review, The
Luna Station Press

New Interviews Posted:

Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction
Drip Castle
Zharmae Publishing Press, The

Upcoming Themed Deadlines

(10/26/2012) Were-Traveler, The: Alternate Zombie History
(10/26/2012) Six Pack of Stories, A: Beer
(10/26/2012) Leodegraunce: Keepsake Storage
(10/26/2012) Multiplicity: Polyamory
(10/26/2012) Protect Me: Protectors (gay men)
(10/26/2012) Sacrificed: Women as sacrifices in romantic/erotic fantasy fiction
(10/28/2012) 580 Split: Obsession
(10/29/2012) Uncharted Frontier Magazine: Exploration of the Unknown
(10/30/2012) Contrary Cats: Cats
(10/30/2012) Ilanot Review, The: Foreign Bodies
(10/30/2012) Hidden In The Basement: Horror
(10/30/2012) In Flux Anthology: Powerful abusers in a self-correcting universe
(10/31/2012) Animism Flash Fiction Contest: Animism (shared world; specific themes vary)
(10/31/2012) Spiritual Awakenings: Christian stories about redemption
(10/31/2012) Crossed Genres Magazine: Cloak & Dagger
(10/31/2012) Surreal Grotesque, The: Cyberpunk
(10/31/2012) Story Quest Short Story Contest: Disaster
(10/31/2012) Liner, The: Epistolary
(10/31/2012) Femme Fatale: Femme fatales
(10/31/2012) He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: He loves me, he loves me not
(10/31/2012) Blood and Lipstick: Lesbian erotica with vampires
(10/31/2012) New Orleans by Gaslight: New Orleans Steampunk
(10/31/2012) Manor House Quarterly: Post-
(10/31/2012) Open Doors 2: Re-tellings of fairy tales and nursery rhymes
(10/31/2012) Dracones: Romantic gay fiction involving dragons
(10/31/2012) Winter Well: Speculative Novellas of Older Women: Speculative stories featuring women of advancing age
(10/31/2012) Ain’t No Sanity Clause: Stories that combine psychopaths and other lunatics with Christmas
(10/31/2012) We See a Different Frontier: The colonized
(10/31/2012) obit.: The life of Webster Murphy Allen
(10/31/2012) Tin House: This Means War
(10/31/2012) Elektrik Milk Bath Press Urban Fantasy Anthology: Urban fantasy
(10/31/2012) Blood and Roses: Valentine’s Day horror
(10/31/2012) Birkensnake: Wild Conformations
(10/31/2012) writing that risks: writing that risks
(11/1/2012) Speculative Edge, The: Apocalypse Issue
(11/1/2012) Cream City Review: Constraints
(11/1/2012) Little Patuxent Review: Doubt
(11/1/2012) Fine Line, The: End of the world
(11/1/2012) Stocking Stuffers: MILF and Cookies: Erotic holiday stories
(11/1/2012) THEMA: Eyeglasses are needed
(11/1/2012) First Line, The: First line: Sometimes, when it’s quiet, I can remember what my life was like before moving to Cedar Springs.
(11/1/2012) Pockets: Healthy Bodies
(11/1/2012) Under the Cape: Heroes
(11/1/2012) Emrys Journal: Journey
(11/1/2012) Spoke: Make / Erase
(11/1/2012) THIS Literary Magazine: Misreading
(11/1/2012) Sleepytown Press Novel Challenge Contest: Novel writing challenge
(11/1/2012) Quotable, The: Storytelling
(11/1/2012) Whole Beast Rag: Tammy (FEE-BASED)
(11/1/2012) Handbook of the Writer Secret Society (Vol 2), The: The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society
(11/1/2012) Mason’s Road Literary Award: Time (FEE-BASED)
(11/1/2012) Mason’s Road: Time
(11/1/2012) Urban Occult: Urban Occult
(11/1/2012) About Place Journal: Wall Street
(11/1/2012) At World’s End: When the world ends (GLBT)
(11/2/2012) Crab Orchard Review: Prairies, Plains, Mountains, Deserts
(11/2/2012) At Year’s End: SFF Holiday Stories.: SFF stories set against year-end holidays
(11/5/2012) Prospective: A Journal of Speculation: “What’s that scuttling down my chimney?”
(11/7/2012) Earthen Lamp Journal: Sexuality
(11/14/2012) Faces Magazine: Germany
(11/15/2012) Rogue Zine: Bubble-wrap
(11/15/2012) Dark Light 2: Dark, speculative, horrific or paranormal short stories
(11/15/2012) Luna Station Quarterly: Drabbles
(11/15/2012) Short, Fast, and Deadly: English-to-English
(11/15/2012) Queer Fear: Erotic GLBTQ horror
(11/15/2012) GLBT Coffee Break Quickies: GLBT office romance
(11/15/2012) Penduline: New Zealand
(11/15/2012) Like Fortune’s Fool: SF/F erotica stories involving luck
(11/15/2012) SPLIT: Space
(11/15/2012) Halfway Down the Stairs: Villainous
(11/16/2012) Tales of The Time Machine: A shared world based on H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine
(11/16/2012) Hot Metal Bridge: Conflict and Confluence
(11/17/2012) Kamikaze Woman: Sofia Cillo
(11/19/2012) Composite {Arts Magazine}: Interact
(11/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: An Unexpected Guest for the Holidays
(11/20/2012) SNM Horror Magazine: December Dead Dreamers: Ghosts, The Dead interacting with the Living; haunting spirits
(11/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Zetetic-being inquiring
(11/25/2012) Zip Code Project, The: One particular spot on the earth
(11/26/2012) Writer’s Digest Your Story Competition: Write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.
(11/30/2012) Surreal Grotesque, The: Apocalypse
(11/30/2012) Glam Rock: Glam rock
(11/30/2012) War is Hell: Horror stories set in or around a warzone
(11/30/2012) Scheherezade’s Bequest: Loathly Lady
(11/30/2012) Crossed Genres Magazine: Myth
(11/30/2012) Legends of the Buckeye State: Myths and legends from the state of Ohio
(11/30/2012) Penumbra: Ray Bradbury
(11/30/2012) Coming Together: Triumphantly: Reclaiming the body and sexuality after the trauma of illness or injury
(11/30/2012) Temporal Element, The: Time travel
(11/30/2012) Urban Green Man: Urban Green Man
(11/30/2012) Forever and a Day: Women falling in love with other women for the first time
(12/1/2012) dislocate: a minnesota journal of writing and art: Atlas of the Midwest
(12/1/2012) Bethlehem Writers Roundtable: Broken Resolutions
(12/1/2012) 22 Magazine, The: Collage
(12/1/2012) Blood Orange Review: Fire
(12/1/2012) Pockets: Friendship
(12/1/2012) Worcester Review, The: Jazz
(12/1/2012) LITRO: Stories Transport You: Mystery
(12/1/2012) Blood Orange Review: Play
(12/1/2012) Stealing Time: Relations
(12/1/2012) Terrain.org Annual Contest: Ruin and Renewal (FEE-BASED)
(12/1/2012) Song Stories: SF/F/H stories inspired by song
(12/1/2012) Southern Women’s Review: Southern Food
(12/1/2012) La Machine de Mort: Steampunk horror
(12/1/2012) American Athenaeum: The Understanders
(12/1/2012) Two Words For: Writing on those who came before

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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TV, Film, comic book, fantasy & steampunk writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, killer pigs & dinosaurs in the sewers. You can find his work on Smashwords or at his Amazon Author Page.

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