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Duotrope Weekly Writer Markets List – 11/06/2012

New posting from Duotrope’s weekly newsletter. If you’re a writer looking for markets to submit your work to, you have to make sure to sign up for their weekly emailing. It’s a fantastic tool…and it’s free for writers!

New Listings

Paying market listings added:

Black Cross
By Light Unseen Media (vampires)
Firestone Books
Gore Stories
Blood Bound Books: Night Terrors Anthology (Vol. III)
Nihilist Sci Fi
Deepwood Publishing: Splintered Lands (shared world)
Tales of Obscenity
The Silver Pen Writers’ Association: Youth Imagination Magazine (YA)

Non-paying market listings added:

101 Fiction
Swords & Saga Press: American Athenaeum Speculative Quarterly
Ink Monkey Press: Around the World in 80 Stories (themed antho)
Barrelhouse Online
Basalt Magazine
The Bohemyth
Deepwood Publishing Fantasy Friday
Dunes Review
Western Press Books: Manifest West (themed antho)
Running out of Ink
Horrified Press: Tales of the Undead: Suffer Eternal (themed antho)
Wolf on Water Publishing: Wolf on Water Blog
Zona de carga/Loading Zone

Fee-based market listings added:

Whitcomb Review FEE-BASED
Big Muddy: The Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest FEE-BASED

Market News

Market updates:

A Better Be Write Publisher Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Conifers Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Dark River Anthologies & E-Zine Has permanently closed
Kite Hill Publishing Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Microstory A Week Is permanently closing
Midnight Screaming Is permanently closing
P.D. Publishing, Inc. Website has not been updated in over a year; we believe this to be a “defunct” market
Strange Horizons Pay rates increased to $0.08/word

Markets that have opened/re-opened to submissions:

Awaken Consciousness Magazine
Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Extraordinary Things, A
Black Herald, The
Black Lawrence Press
Blue Fifth Review / Blue Five Notebook
Blue Pencil Online, The
Bop Dead City
CrimeSpree Magazine
Delmarva Review, The
DIAGRAM Chapbook Contest (FEE-BASED)
DIAGRAM’s Innovative Fiction Contest (FEE-BASED)
Eludia Award (FEE-BASED)
Fieldstone Review, The
Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Competition (FEE-BASED)
Foxing Quarterly
Gival Press Short Story Award (FEE-BASED)
Great Weather for Media
Hadley Rille Books
Horror Without Victims
Jerry Jazz Musician New Short Fiction Contest
Lightship Short Story CompetitionF (FEE-BASED)
Limn Literary & Arts Journal
Mascara Literary Review
Medulla Review, The
Mosaic Art & Literary Journal (UCR)
Orion Magazine
Press 53
Press 53 Open Awards (FEE-BASED)
Roar and Thunder
Serena McDonald Kennedy Award (FEE-BASED)
Short Story Award for New Writers (FEE-BASED)
Sips Card (FEE-BASED)
Skive Magazine
Wigleaf: (very) short fiction
Worcester Review, The
Written Wardrobe: Where Style & Story Collide, The
Yes Factory, The

Markets that have temporarily closed to submissions:

30 Below Contest (FEE-BASED)
Alarmist, The
Amethyst Arsenic
As Us: Indigenous Women’s Literary Journal
Atlas Review, The
Big Fish Online Contest (FEE-BASED)
Black Lantern Publishing
Black River Chapbook Competition, The (FEE-BASED)
Boston Literary Magazine
Briar Cliff Review Annual Contest, The (FEE-BASED)
Briar Cliff Review, The
Broken Plate, The
Canada Writes Short Story Prize (FEE-BASED)
Catherine Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
Clapboard House
Coffee House Press
Cold Moon Press
Conium Review, The
Crab Orchard Review
Cream City Review
Danahy Fiction Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
Discovering the Undiscovered Competition (FEE-BASED)
Double Dragon Publishing
DoveTales Literary Journal
Emrys Journal
Family Matters (FEE-BASED)
Fine Line, The
Five 2 One Magazine
Glimmer Train
Ilanot Review, The
In Other Words: Mérida
Indiana Review Fiction Prize (FEE-BASED)
Liner, The
Little Patuxent Review
Los Angeles Review, The
Lowestoft Chronicle
Lunch Ticket
Mason’s Road
Mason’s Road Literary Award (FEE-BASED)
Midnight Screaming
Minetta Review, The
Minnesota Review, The
Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
New Bedlam Project, The
new graffiti: Literature on the Streets
Open Season Awards (FEE-BASED)
Pear Noir!
PLOTTO: The Master Contest of All Plots
Prospective: A Journal of Speculation
Quotable, The
Reed Magazine
Roanoke Review Fiction Contest (FEE-BASED)
Salt Flash Fiction Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
Salt Short Story Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
Scott Prize, The (FEE-BASED)
Sky Warrior Books
Story Quest Short Story Contest
Superstition Review
Talking Writing Prize (FEE-BASED)
Tarpaulin Sky Press (FEE-BASED)
TINGE Magazine
Verse (Online)
Way of The Buffalo Podcast, The
Writer’s Digest Crime Fiction Competition (FEE-BASED)
Writer’s Digest Horror Competition (FEE-BASED)
Writer’s Digest Romance Competition (FEE-BASED)
Writer’s Digest Science Fiction/Fantasy Contest (FEE-BASED)
Writer’s Digest Thriller/Suspense Competition (FEE-BASED)
Writer’s Digest Young Adult Fiction Competition (FEE-BASED)

New Interviews Posted:

Print Oriented Bastards
Kalyani Magazine
Open Road Review

Upcoming Themed Deadlines

(11/7/2012) Earthen Lamp Journal: Sexuality
(11/14/2012) Faces Magazine: Germany
(11/15/2012) Rogue Zine: Bubble-wrap
(11/15/2012) Dark Light 2: Dark, speculative, horrific or paranormal short stories
(11/15/2012) Luna Station Quarterly: Drabbles
(11/15/2012) Short, Fast, and Deadly: English-to-English
(11/15/2012) Queer Fear: Erotic GLBTQ horror
(11/15/2012) GLBT Coffee Break Quickies: GLBT office romance
(11/15/2012) Penduline: New Zealand
(11/15/2012) Like Fortune’s Fool: SF/F erotica stories involving luck
(11/15/2012) SPLIT: Space
(11/15/2012) Barrelhouse Online: Superheroes
(11/15/2012) Black Cross: Superheros
(11/15/2012) Halfway Down the Stairs: Villainous
(11/16/2012) Tales of The Time Machine: A shared world based on H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine
(11/16/2012) Hot Metal Bridge: Conflict and Confluence
(11/17/2012) Kamikaze Woman: Sofia Cillo
(11/19/2012) Composite {Arts Magazine}: Interact
(11/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: An Unexpected Guest for the Holidays
(11/20/2012) SNM Horror Magazine: December Dead Dreamers: Ghosts, The Dead interacting with the Living; haunting spirits
(11/20/2012) Skive Magazine: Erotica
(11/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Zetetic-being inquiring
(11/25/2012) Zip Code Project, The: One particular spot on the earth
(11/26/2012) Writer’s Digest Your Story Competition: Write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.
(11/30/2012) Surreal Grotesque, The: Apocalypse
(11/30/2012) Caribbean Writer, The: Caribbean Musicians and Visual Artists
(11/30/2012) Glam Rock: Glam rock
(11/30/2012) War is Hell: Horror stories set in or around a warzone
(11/30/2012) Scheherezade’s Bequest: Loathly Lady
(11/30/2012) Crossed Genres Magazine: Myth
(11/30/2012) Legends of the Buckeye State: Myths and legends from the state of Ohio
(11/30/2012) Penumbra: Ray Bradbury
(11/30/2012) Coming Together: Triumphantly: Reclaiming the body and sexuality after the trauma of illness or injury
(11/30/2012) Temporal Element, The: Time travel
(11/30/2012) Urban Green Man: Urban Green Man
(11/30/2012) Forever and a Day: Women falling in love with other women for the first time
(12/1/2012) dislocate: a minnesota journal of writing and art: Atlas of the Midwest
(12/1/2012) Bethlehem Writers Roundtable: Broken Resolutions
(12/1/2012) 22 Magazine, The: Collage
(12/1/2012) Blood Orange Review: Fire
(12/1/2012) Pockets: Friendship
(12/1/2012) LITRO: Stories Transport You: Mystery
(12/1/2012) Blood Orange Review: Play
(12/1/2012) Stealing Time: Relations
(12/1/2012) Terrain.org Annual Contest: Ruin and Renewal (FEE-BASED)
(12/1/2012) Song Stories: SF/F/H stories inspired by song
(12/1/2012) Southern Women’s Review: Southern Food
(12/1/2012) La Machine de Mort: Steampunk horror
(12/1/2012) American Athenaeum: The Understanders
(12/1/2012) Orange Quarterly: Time
(12/1/2012) Two Words For: Writing on those who came before
(12/1/2012) Gaia’s Misfits: Young Adult Fantasy
(12/10/2012) NY_____: Money
(12/15/2012) Appalachian Story: Appalachia
(12/15/2012) Short, Fast, and Deadly: Foot Notes
(12/15/2012) Bloody Knuckles: Mixed Martial Arts
(12/15/2012) 1000 Words: Photo prompt
(12/15/2012) Fiction International: Real Time/Virtual
(12/15/2012) Rogue Zine: Seeping, oozing, slithery green
(12/15/2012) Brain, Child: Teenagers
(12/15/2012) Writers Haven: Travel
(12/15/2012) Hyacinth Noir: Yule
(12/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: And You Think Razor Wire Will Keep Me Out?
(12/20/2012) Were-Traveler, The: Big Bad Wolf in a Big Bad Universe
(12/20/2012) Nassau Review, The: Ekphrasis
(12/20/2012) RiverLit: gravel, stain, pop, fly
(12/20/2012) Lesbian Fiction Open Call: Lesbian romance
(12/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Stranded

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