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Duotrope Weekly Writer Markets List – 11/20/2012

Here is this week’s Duotrop Market List update. Some pretty cool stuff in there. Please make sure to stop by the Duotrope website to check out the amazing resource for writers, and sign up for their newsletter. Tons of great information on the site.

Oh, and I realize I missed posting this last week. Unfortunately, deadlines got in the way!

New Listings

Paying market listings added:

Prime Books: Bad Seeds: Evil Progeny (themed antho)
The Buenos Aires Reader (Latin American lit)
Riptide Publishing: Bump in the Night (themed erotica antho)
Hazardous Press: Horrific History (themed antho)
Riptide Publishing: License to Thrill (themed erotica antho)
Shire Reckoning Publishing House
Eggplant Literary Productions: Spellbound: Children’s Fantasy E-zine
Swords and Sorcery Magazine
Riptide Publishing: Training Time (themed erotica antho)
Lethe Press: Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering E. A. Poe (themed antho)
Lethe Press: Wilde Stories 2013: The Year’s Best Gay SF (themed antho)

Non-paying market listings added:

The Adroit Journal: The Adroit Prizes
Ancient Paths (Online) (religious)
Annapurna Magazine (food lit)
Bad Robot Poetry
Behind Closed Doors
Tartarus Press: Dark World (themed charity antho)
Eastlit (East/SE Asia lit)
The Entroper
Erotic Shades
Gambling the Aisle
Hex in the City (urban fantasy)
The Lightkeeper
Little Fiction: Listerature (Vol. II)
N/A Literary Magazine
Oh Sandy! Anthology (charity humor antho)
Passenger Side Books
The Path
The Penman Review
Pocket Thoughts
Gold Wake Press: Rocker Box Prize
Silent Things
Horrified Press: Spawned from the Social Networks (collaborations)
Tartarus Press: Strange Tales IV
TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism
Vex Literary Journal
Heron Bay Books: Written in the Mitten (Michigan lit)

Fee-based market listings added:

Shire Reckoning Publishing House: Best Young Writers FEE-BASED
Mid-American Review: The Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award FEE-BASED

Market News

Market updates:
No updates since the last newsletter.

Markets that have opened/re-opened to submissions:

Adroit Journal, The
Alchemy / Alembic
Flash: The Int’l Short-Short Story Magazine
Nuance Books
Radioactive Moat
Rampallian, The
Sorcerous Signals
Whortleberry Press Christmas Anthologies
Whortleberry Press Halloween Anthologies
World’s Best Short-Short Story Contest (FEE-BASED)

Markets that have temporarily closed to submissions:

Banango Street
Bare Root Review
Bat City Review
Black Cross
Blue Route, The
Broad River Review
Carson Prize in Poetry or Prose, The
Catfish Creek: An Undergraduate Literary Journal
Chautauqua Literary Journal
Composite {Arts Magazine}
Copper Nickel
Cover of Darkness
Elsewhere: A Place for Writing about Place
Gulf Stream
Halfway Down the Stairs
Inkwell Journal
Lorelei Signal, The
MOJO / Mikrokosmos Literary Journal
Monkey Puzzle Flash Fiction Contest (FEE-BASED)
New Millennium Writings Awards (FEE-BASED)
Orion Magazine
Rash Awards (FEE-BASED)
Savage Consortium, The
Shadow Road Quarterly
Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award, The (FEE-BASED)
Tarpaulin Sky Press (FEE-BASED)
Tennessee Williams Fiction Contest (FEE-BASED)
Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers
TQR: Total Quality Reading
Vex Literary Journal
Whortleberry Press Valentine Stories Anthologies
Willow Springs Fiction Prize (FEE-BASED)
Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition (FEE-BASED)

New Interviews Posted:

Plasma Frequency Magazine

Upcoming Themed Deadlines

(11/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: An Unexpected Guest for the Holidays
(11/20/2012) SNM Horror Magazine: December Dead Dreamers: Ghosts, The Dead interacting with the Living; haunting spirits
(11/20/2012) Skive Magazine: Erotica
(11/20/2012) Broadsided: Responses: Superstorm Sandy 2012 [image prompt]
(11/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Zetetic-being inquiring
(11/25/2012) Zip Code Project, The: One particular spot on the earth
(11/26/2012) Writer’s Digest Your Story Competition: Write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.
(11/28/2012) Lantern Journal: Ground
(11/28/2012) InfectiveINk.com: My family drives me crazy and I can’t take it any more
(11/30/2012) Blue Pencil Online, The: Abstraction
(11/30/2012) Surreal Grotesque, The: Apocalypse
(11/30/2012) Caribbean Writer, The: Caribbean Musicians and Visual Artists
(11/30/2012) Glam Rock: Glam rock
(11/30/2012) War is Hell: Horror stories set in or around a warzone
(11/30/2012) Scheherezade’s Bequest: Loathly Lady
(11/30/2012) Crossed Genres Magazine: Myth
(11/30/2012) Legends of the Buckeye State: Myths and legends from the state of Ohio
(11/30/2012) DUM DUM Zine: Punks & Scholars
(11/30/2012) Penumbra: Ray Bradbury
(11/30/2012) Coming Together: Triumphantly: Reclaiming the body and sexuality after the trauma of illness or injury
(11/30/2012) SPLIT: Space
(11/30/2012) TSA Contest, The: The TSA (FEE-BASED)
(11/30/2012) Urban Green Man: Urban Green Man
(11/30/2012) You can’t kill me, I’m already dead: Vampires
(11/30/2012) Forever and a Day: Women falling in love with other women for the first time
(12/1/2012) dislocate: a minnesota journal of writing and art: Atlas of the Midwest
(12/1/2012) Bethlehem Writers Roundtable: Broken Resolutions
(12/1/2012) 22 Magazine, The: Collage
(12/1/2012) Bump in the Night: Dark erotic (LGBTQ) tales
(12/1/2012) Bad Seeds: Evil Progeny: Evil children
(12/1/2012) Blood Orange Review: Fire
(12/1/2012) Pockets: Friendship
(12/1/2012) LITRO: Stories Transport You: Mystery
(12/1/2012) Blood Orange Review: Play
(12/1/2012) Stealing Time: Relations
(12/1/2012) Virginia Dehn Poetry and Prose Contest: Responses to Virginia Dehn’s artwork
(12/1/2012) Terrain.org Annual Contest: Ruin and Renewal (FEE-BASED)
(12/1/2012) Song Stories: SF/F/H stories inspired by song
(12/1/2012) Southern Women’s Review: Southern Food
(12/1/2012) La Machine de Mort: Steampunk horror
(12/1/2012) American Athenaeum: The Understanders
(12/1/2012) Orange Quarterly: Time
(12/1/2012) Two Words For: Writing on those who came before
(12/1/2012) Gaia’s Misfits: Young Adult Fantasy
(12/10/2012) NY_____: Money
(12/12/2012) Bohemia: Cats
(12/15/2012) Appalachian Story: Appalachia
(12/15/2012) Were-Traveler, The: Big Bad Wolf in a Big Bad Universe
(12/15/2012) Short, Fast, and Deadly: Foot Notes
(12/15/2012) Rhubarb Magazine: Mennonite sex
(12/15/2012) Bloody Knuckles: Mixed Martial Arts
(12/15/2012) 1000 Words: Photo prompt
(12/15/2012) Fiction International: Real Time/Virtual
(12/15/2012) Rogue Zine: Seeping, oozing, slithery green
(12/15/2012) Brain, Child: Teenagers
(12/15/2012) Writers Haven: Travel
(12/15/2012) Hyacinth Noir: Yule and LGBT
(12/20/2012) 713 Flash Fiction Contest: And You Think Razor Wire Will Keep Me Out?
(12/20/2012) Nassau Review, The: Ekphrasis
(12/20/2012) RiverLit: gravel, stain, pop, fly
(12/20/2012) Lesbian Fiction Open Call: Lesbian romance
(12/20/2012) In Between Altered States: Stranded
(12/21/2012) Dark Visions: Dark fiction
(12/21/2012) Faces Magazine: Places in Peril
(12/21/2012) Splatterlands: Splatterpunk
(12/21/2012) Workers Write: Tales from the Concrete Highway
(12/28/2012) Big Damn Heroines: Plus-sized female heroines
(12/29/2012) InfectiveINk.com: Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it
(12/31/2012) Morpheus Tales: Apocalypse Special Issue
(12/31/2012) Spellbound: Children’s Fantasy E-zine: Changelings & Doppelgangers
(12/31/2012) Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF: Dark vampire SF
(12/31/2012) Crossed Genres Magazine: Discovery
(12/31/2012) Dread Time Stories: Fairy tales with terrifying twists
(12/31/2012) cahoodaloodaling: Fragments
(12/31/2012) Lust in Time: Erotic Romance through the Ages: Gay love through the ages
(12/31/2012) Serve Me: Gay slave fetsh fiction
(12/31/2012) Dark World: Ghost stories
(12/31/2012) Whole Terrain: Heresy
(12/31/2012) Horrific History: Horrific history
(12/31/2012) So It Goes: A Tribute To Kurt Vonnegut: Humorous and satirical tales inspired by Kurt Vonnegut
(12/31/2012) Oh Sandy! Anthology: Humorous tales of experiencing a disaster, surviving a hurricane, or living in New Jersey
(12/31/2012) Esoteric Awards: Natural Distaster: Preparation, Survival, Aftermath (FEE-BASED)
(12/31/2012) Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering E. A. Poe: Queering Edgar Allan Poe
(12/31/2012) Women & Place Anthology: The idea of “place”
(12/31/2012) Third Flatiron Publishing: Uncaring or Hostile Universe
(12/31/2012) Winter’s Enchantment, A: Winter romances with a speculative element
(12/31/2012) Penumbra: Zombie Apocalypse
(12/31/2012) 50 Shades of Decay: Zombie erotica
(1/1/2013) Bethlehem Writers Roundtable: “Dead” Valentines
(1/1/2013) splinterswerve: Ebb/Flow
(1/1/2013) Night Terrors Anthology (Vol. III): Horror
(1/1/2013) LITRO: Stories Transport You: Luck
(1/1/2013) Stealing Time: Opening
(1/1/2013) Speculative Edge, The: Speculative Romance Issue
(1/1/2013) Listerature (Vol. II): Stories in list form
(1/1/2013) Jack Move Magazine: Strength
(1/1/2013) Other Journal, The: The Body Issue
(1/1/2013) pacific REVIEW: urBan myThos

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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