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Going “Full Miller” in the Comic Industry

(only those of my readers who are active in the comic book industry will fully appreciate this…and probably not even them.)

There is no point to the following post. It is just the kind of brain fart that pops into my head while I should be focused on writing something else…in this case, finishing my upcoming novel, which is due next week. Needless to say, I’ve got a quite a few sleepless nights in my immediate future.

This will come as a shock and outrage to some of my film friends, but I loved the movie “Tropic Thunder.” Part of that movie has become a pretty common part of “Hollywood” speak. You’ll hear people talk about never going “full retard” in terms of career choices and so on. It’s inappropriate and would have been completely acceptable in the 70s or 80s — which means, of course, it makes me smile.

Recently, that has morphed into never going “full Sheen,” which tickled me pink the first time I heard it. Makes sense. It’s hard to recover from going “full Sheen.” Very few people outside of Charlie the Great could do it and still succeed in their chosen field.

Usually, going “full Sheen” means you have to change your name and move to another town.

I’ve always thought the comic book industry should adapt its own version of that sentiment–especially because so many people in the industry need to heed that particular advice.

Obviously, for comics it’d have to be the advice to never go “full Miller.” Going “full Miller” could lead to career suicide. Although, if you’re going to do it, you should go all the way. There’s nothing worse than going “full Miller” and then backing out of it when the heat is on. Doing that would be referred to as pulling a “Powell.” People can appreciate when someone takes a strong stance on something, even if it’s crazy, but only a pussy lacks the conviction to stand up for it. If you do go “full Miller” make sure not to “Powell” it up at the end.

Of course, if you present what appears to be a “full Miller,” stick with it, and then people actually change their perspective, coming over to your way of thought, it would have to be called performing an “Ottley.” That’s one of my favorites.

Finally, if you do go “full Miller” and keep going until you’ve outlasted all of your critics and naysayers (generally due to the logic “fuck those guys”), it’s called “Liefelding.” Honestly, if you’re going to go “full Miller,” then “Liefelding” the hell out of your opponents is the only solution.

(I’d go into what a “Quesada” is, but I don’t want to dodge mafia hitmen for the rest of my life…also refrained from mentioning the “Owsley” where you go “full Miller” and have to change your name.)

Back to work…

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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  1. Richard Ramirez says:

    Joe is Mexican,Its Jimmy you should worry about

  2. I’m not 100% certain what you’re talking about but I’d sure like to go full Luther on some people.

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