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The Cestus Concern is a TOP 10 Best Seller on Amazon!

I woke up this morning with some cool news that came through in the middle of the night. The news was that my first sci-fi/action novel, THE CESTUS CONCERN, had reached #11 on Amazon’s BEST SELLER list for Men’s Adventure. What popped up into my email box less than an hour was even more excited: THE CESTUS CONCERN had broken into Amazon’s Top 10! Below you will see a photo of my reaction to the news:

That’s right, in just over 3 weeks since its release, THE CESTUS CONCERN, an independently released novel by a first time author (that’s me!) had broken into the world’s largest online retailer’s BEST SELLER list!

The news left me excited, flabbergasted, humbled, and just a tad queasy all at once (I was going to add “aroused,” but my wife made me take that part out). I’d like to thank everyone who has picked up a copy of THE CESTUS CONCERN, either digitally or in print. If you haven’t picked it up yet: What the Heck are you waiting for?! Go get it right now!!

Ok, enough slacking off…it’s time to get back to finishing up the sequel, a little thing I like to call THE CESTUS CONCTRACT.

Take care!!

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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Mat Nastos
TV, Film, comic book, fantasy & steampunk writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, killer pigs & dinosaurs in the sewers. You can find his work on Smashwords or at his Amazon Author Page.

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  1. Love the face! There you go, Mat, there you go. It’s all you brother.

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