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Indie Book Spotlight: Meet Me In Atlantis

Synopsis: In the wake of global catastrophe caused by magnetic pole reversal the race is on for power and control of the world.

A doctor finds herself alone and begins a journal as she makes her way in the changed world.

Armed with heightened sensitivity to the new supercharged energy in the air she attempts to reach her family and finds herself inadvertently redirected to the newly risen continent of Atlantis to defend every belief she holds true about her country and herself.


Bio: Megan Sebastian is a native of Oklahoma who currently resides in Denver, CO. Having lived all over the United States, from Atlanta, GA to El Segundo, CA (with a lot of time skiing in-between) she has always pondered what would happen if there were planet wide catastrophe. The planet is in constant movement after all, a molten wobbly egg, spinning and hurtling through space.

In the US alone, if simultaneously the New Madrid seismic zone shakes the Midwest as the Yellowstone volcano erupts in the West, and the Cascadia fault produces a huge earthquake and tsunami on the

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Mat Nastos
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