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Novel Post: Man With The Iron Heart novel from Cohesion Press is now AVAILABLE!!

One of my favorite projects of all time has just been released (or, re-released) by Cohesion Press – my third novel, Man With The Iron Heart, is available through them on Amazon as an eBook and you can get it RIGHT NOW!

For those of you who are long-term fans, Man With The Iron Heart was originally a self-published release from back in 2015. Well, Cohesion Press approached me a while back and asked about them doing a new, updated, expanded, and tricked out version of the volume…and I was absolutely flattered by the request. Cohesion is one of the premiere publishers of sci-fi/fantasy/horror military fiction and I was already a huge fan of the work they were doing.

So what’s out now is a newly edited edition with a kick-ass cover by Dean Samed.

Man, I love that cover!

Let’s see what the publisher says about the release:

MAN WITH THE IRON HEART: In May of 1942, Scottish soldier Ian MacAndrew parachutes into the heart of Nazi-occupied Prague on a mission whose success could alter the course of World War 2 itself. MacAndrew and his men are set to kill Reinhart Heydrich, the man best known as “The Butcher of Prague.” When things go from bad to worse, the veteran soldier finds himself thrust into a battle of myth and legend itself. With the marble-skinned warrior, Donner Grimm at his side, MacAndrew must face off against necromancers, Nazi berserkers, and the power of the demons known as the Jotnar, all vying to bring about Ragnarok and the end of humanity.

Nazis, Norse Gods, and Lovecraftian monsters: what more could you ask for in an action & adventure novel set in the midst of World War 2? “Man With the Iron Heart” is perfect for fans of Hellboy, Indiana Jones, Supernatural, Wolfenstein, Lovecraft, or Inglourious Basterds.

Check out what critics are calling “a thrilling alternate history action & adventure,” “occult suspense done right,” and “the sort of men’s adventure story that keeps readers on their toes from page 1.”

I may be a bit biased, but I believe Man With The Iron Heart is one of the best WW2/action-adventure/occult novels around. Check it out on your Kindle NOW, or pick up a copy of the paperback in July 2017!

-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

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