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Dinner With the Power Rangers

I’ve been a guest at a lot of comic conventions. A hundred or more in the past 10 years, and regardless of how big or small the event was, I’ve always had a blast. Not only are the fans great, but a lot of times so are the other guests (celebrities, personalities, or whatever else you want to call them). Hanging with the other pros can be amazing. One of my favorite groups to hang with are former Power Rangers. Some are cool as hell, others are uptight, but they are all interesting.

One of my favorite stories happened a few years back at the now-defunct Amazing Arizona Con in Phoenix, where I was invited to be a bonus guest at a Power Ranger Fan Dinner with a couple of actors from the show.

A fan dinner is an interesting thing – for fans, that is. At one of these things you’ll generally have a long table lined with fans on either side and then a celebrity of some sort at one or both ends. Think of it as a “meet-and-greet” with appetizers. For a celebrity, the things can be a bit tedious because you’ve sat thought a hundred of the things and generally are asked the same questions over and over.

That’s where I come in.

When I arrived at the Tilted Kilt there near the convention, the evening had already started and I could see it wearing on the guys. So, I decided to do what any responsible adult would do in that situation: I began ordering shots. Looking at the two Rangers in attendance, I figured the ex-Red Ranger (whose name I’m going to withhold for privacy sake) was going to be down for things. He was a bigger guy and in great shape. He’d be able to handle things. The other one, I wasn’t as sure about. Either way, the fans were hyped…alcohol, Power Rangers, AND me…that’s a recipe for fun.

Azim Rizk had been the Black Ranger on Power Rangers Megaforce (and Green Ranger in Super Megaforce). He was a young guy, kinda thin and lanky. I assumed he’d never keep up.

In both cases, I was severely mistaken.

Two shots in, I saw the alcohol hit the Red Ranger full in the face. He began fidgeting and sweating. Azim, on the other hand, just asked about round three.

Shot three is where things got interesting and went downhill quickly. The ex-Red slammed his hands down hard on the table in front of him, stopping the party dead in its tracks. With every eye in the room on him, the Red Ranger stood up to his full high, cast his gaze across the crowd and then proclaimed “I f#cked the yellow Dino-Thunder Ranger…I f#cked her hard” and then promptly attempted to sit down, missed his seat, and fell over.

Azim’s face lit up as much as mine did. The fans broke out in laughter, as did the half-dressed waitresses of the Tilted Kilt – God bless those magnificently-endowed women working themselves through college. The Rangers’ manager, on the other hand, was less than pleased. She glared at me with the burning hatred of a thousand suns, pounded one finger into my chest and then pointed at the exit door. It was time for me to go 😀

Smiling, I started to leave. Azim yelled after me and asked if we were going to go get more shots.

We did…but that, is a story for another day.

Azim Rizk 9 shots into our Marion Ravenwood drinking challenge.

-Mat Nastos

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