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Fictions & Fantasies: short stories and novellas
Genres: Action, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Men's Adventure, SciFi, Short Stories, Weird Fiction
Tags: action, fantasy
Publisher: Nifty Entertainment
Publication Year: 2014

A collection of short stories and novellas.

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About the Book

Fictions & Fantasies: a collection of short stories and novellas by best-selling author Mat Nastos.

This collection includes:

Cora and the Clockwork Men: Cora Webb has lived the most ordinary of lives for over 23 years — that of an average college student, with an average boyfriend, an average apartment and an average number of overdue bills. However, all of that changes when the Clockwork Men come to kill her. Cora’s only hope is the mystery man known only as the Walker.

“Cora and the Clockwork Men” is a contemporary fantasy short story, in the same vein as Mercy Thompson, the Dresden Files, Luther Arkwright and Doctor Who.

Frank Versus The Vampire: Detective Frank Fenris specializes in the more…unusual cases for the NYPD. When his latest hunt, for a missing college co-ed, winds up at a ratty, downtown Manhattan apartment, Frank must face off alone against one of the most powerful undead creatures around.

“Frank Versus The Vampire” is a 3200 word short story following the adventures of an NYPD detective as he faces off against the forces of darkness. This short is perfect for fans of The Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson, Anita Blake or The Iron Druid Chronicles.

The Last Immortal: Deep within Wyren Wood, Broderick Longbarrel and the men of his unit find themselves stalked by an ancient, timeless being focused on revenge. It is up to the veteran warrior and his steam-powered rifle to discover the secret of “The Last Immortal.”

“The Last Immortal,” an 5700 word short story set in the exciting fantasy-punk world of the Aegisteel Empire, is great for fans of high fantasy, steampunk, World of Warcraft or Battle-Chasers.

The Old Sergeant: Broderick Longbarrel has served in the Royal Army of Caerllyth as a marksman for more than 30 years. Once a powerful warrior and soldier, Longbarrel has grown weary of war. On the final mission of his career, the grizzled veteran must face an over-powering enemy, a commanding officer with a sinister agenda and his own failing abilities if he is to survive.

“The Old Sergeant,” an 8300 word novelette set in the exciting fantasy-punk world of the Aegisteel Empire, is great for fans of high fantasy, steampunk, World of Warcraft or Battle-Chasters.

The Kabul Incident: The action-packed prequel to the #1 Best Selling Sci-Fi Novel, THE CESTUS CONCERN.

Assigned to monitor and maintain the Project Hardwired cyborg warrior, Designate Cestus, Engineer First Class Scott Brazier finds himself deep behind enemy lines when everything goes wrong. Caught between terrorists bent on killing him at any cost and a cybernetic super soldier gone rogue, Brazier is forced to face his foes alone.

All that stands between the world and unleashed chemical warfare is a small computer technician out on his first mission.

Fans of films like “Bourne Identity” or “Smoking Aces,” or the comics of Deadpool and Wolverine, will love the over-the-top science fiction action of “THE KABUL INCIDENT” and the entire WEIR CODEX series by Mat Nastos.

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