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This is a compilation/index of my various articles and posts on Comic Book Industry Marketing, PR, Distribution and Sales.  These articles not only relate specific to marketing, sales and distribution in the comic book industry, but also apply to film, music, video games and many other industries as well.

These articles are all based on my experience as an Internet and affiliate marketer, as a comic book creator/publisher (with nearly 200,000 copies of my Cadre comic sold between 2005-2007 alone), film producer and more.  I’m detailing methods here that I currently use to send out more than $4,000,000 (four million dollars) in sales to my partners every year. Hopefully they can help grow a bit of business sense in the comic industry — and maybe get some incredible crappy comic book marketing people fired in the process.  Because, in addition to so many other things, crappy comic book marketing guys are killing comics!


-Mat Nastos, Super Genius

Comic Book Marketing Articles

The 3 Steps to Getting Retailers to BUY Your Comic Book The 3 most important things you can supply to a comic book retailer to help convince them to order your new comic series.

The Failure of Licensed Comic Publishers: A look at some of the top licensed-based comic book publishers and exactly what they are doing wrong in terms of Internet Marketing.  I look at their current Google search engine result rankings and sales.

The Failure of Licensed Comic Publishers Redux: A 5 month later follow-up on the companies and licensed properties I researched in the original article.  You’ll be surprised at some of the results.

The Sad Tale of a Comic Book Publisher’s Failed Product Launch: Some times a publisher has all of the pieces in place for a successful new comic series and somehow still drops the ball.  This is one such story.

How to Launch a Comic Book Series: An Introduction: Introduction to series of Articles on how to properly launch a comic book series (or any product), using IDW Publishing’s Forgotten Realms series as an example.

How to keep IDW Publishing from losing their shirt on the Forgotten Realms, Part 1: Building a Foundation for a Successful Comic Book Product Launch: Part 1 of the Comic Book Product Launch series of articles, focusing on building a proper website and foundation for your marketing efforts, using IDW’s Forgotten Realms comic as a case study.

How to keep IDW from losing their shirt on the Forgotten Realms, Part 2: Connecting with your audience: Part 2 of the Comic Book Product Launch series of articles.  This time, I go in to detail about how to connect with your audience and how to begin driving traffic back to your website. As before, I’m using IDW Publishing’s Forgotten Realms comic as an example.

The 4 Parts of a Comic Book Marketing Plan: How to put together a marketing plan and help guarantee your success!

7 Quick Tips for Creating Comic Book Content with SEO that Scores in Search Engines: Using the IDW Publishing Dungeons & Dragons product page as an example, I detail some precised methods for maximizing the SEO of a comic book publishers website, enabling them to gain more traffic and open open to some alternative markets.

Google Yo Bad Self – The Importance of Online Branding in Comic Book Marketing: The first step for any Internet-based or eCommerce business is to look up your product in Google. I go over the process and the importance of online Branding and search engine positioning for Comic Book Publishers.

Comic Book Marketing: What is Your Niche Market?: A frequently asked question I hear almost daily is “what is Niche marketing and how do I find my niche market?” Here I try to answer both of those questions in my overly verbose manner.

Comic Book Market Analysis – Why the Hell aren’t you already doing it?: Every business looking for success needs to not only know their market, but also know their product.  This article goes over the steps in analyzing your product and market, giving you the best chance for success in comic book publishing.

Comic Book Marketing: Exposure Yourself with Keyword Research: Doing proper keyword research is one of the main tools in successfully expanding your business market.  I go into specifics on how to do it, what it means and how it can increase your comic book sales and distribution.

4 Tips for Social Networking Your Way to More Sales: Building customer relationships and how to use that rapport to increase your sales.

4 Ways to Use Your Email List to Increase Your Comic Book Sales: Email lists can be an incredibly effective and efficient way to increase your long term sales. In this article, I go over the 4 best ways to utilize your email list to increase sales of your comic books.

The Curious Case of Moonstone Books – E-Commerce Mistakes to Avoid: In this article, I take a look at some pretty common eCommerce and web mistakes, using Moonstone Books as an example.

The “Connect Sales Market”: My random thoughts and ideas for expanding and promoting digital comic (and digital media in general) sales and distribution.

Comic Book Marketing Getting your work on TV Google TV Ads that is!: Ever wanted to run television commercials for your comic books or other projects? In this article I detail how you can do it for almost no money!

Marketing and Distribution Tips for Comic Book Publishers: One of my earliest posts on comic book marketing and distribution.

Comic Book Marketing Conversations/Interviews

Conversation with Gerimi Burleigh: I have a back and forth conversation on building a new market for comic book publishers with Optic House publisher, Gerimi Burleigh.

Another Conversation with Gerimi Burleigh or the 4 Steps of Simplified Market Research: Another conversation with self publisher, Gerimi Burleigh of Optic House.  In this one, I detail very specific and simplified steps on how to research new or niche markets for your comics.

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